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Maintaining a Healthy Mental and Physical Wellbeing: 4 Ways to Relieve Stress

by January 10, 2022

In this day and age, most of us live very hectic schedules. We try to fit in as much work within the 24 hours we have in a day, and it can take a toll on our body. Our society emphasizes a lot on productivity and success, but we cannot achieve these if we do not make time for rest. Our body works like our laptops and mobile phones, we need to recharge from time to time in order to continue performing our tasks. We need to learn the importance of work life balance to avoid burnout. We should not wait for the point where our emotional, physical or mental health is sacrificed because of excessive or prolonged stress. There are a lot of ways to manage stress and ensure that we maintain a healthy relationship with our work life. The first and most important step to achieving this is having the intention to cultivate healthy changes in your work habits.

Determine what causes your stress

“A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness.” – Albert Einstein

Stress can be caused by several reasons. You need to assess your life and determine what causes your stress. It can be as simple as the heels you wear that gives you heel pains throughout the day. It can also be the stiff neck that causes you headaches because you do not practice the right posture when using your laptop. Reflect back on the specific times of the day where you feel most uncomfortable and anxious. You can then see whether you can make changes to avoid these stresses, or at least know which areas you need some stress relieving. We understand these 21st century problems that people might face and have formulated products that can help people in their respective needs.

Wellness Massage Oils

“Good health is key to happiness” – Hema Dadhwal

One monthly struggle that all women can relate to is our menstrual cycle. During our menstruation, we experience pains in our abdominal area, nausea or even moodiness. This can feel uneasy and takes away our focus in work. The Coco Fem Balance as shown by Hema is a Women’s relief oil to ease your menstrual struggles. It helps to reduce your Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) symptoms, such as depression or bloating. The Coco Fem Balance contains a blend of oils that are naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiseptic. Other than that, it has strong antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce abdominal pain. You only need to apply the oil to your abdominal area and you will feel relaxed and relieved.

It is inevitable to feel stress. At times when we cannot control the stress because of our circumstances, we can find remedies that will help us relieve it such as the Coco Elevate Massage Oil. This helps to relieve mental fatigue and nervous tension. It promotes relaxation, helps reduce anxiety and insomnia, boosts your mood and enhances focus. As shown by Hema in the video, you can apply it to your pressure points. However, it is important to take note that you cannot solely rely on the Coco Elevate if you are facing any forms of lifestyle stress, anxiety or depression. The massage oil is a tool to relieve stress but it is important to seek professional advice when dealing with any forms of mental health struggles.

After a long day at work, do you ever just lay down on your bed and feel the aching pain in your feet? For most women working professionals, we wear heels to make us look presentable; however, they are not always the most comfortable shoes to wear. In Singapore, you do not have to be someone who wears heels to sympathize with the struggle of aching feet. Most of us take public transport or walk long distances throughout the day. During peak hours, it is also common for people to stand up for a long time in the trains or buses as all the seats are already occupied. All of these can cause the aching pain in our feet which can be uncomfortable when we are working or even when we’re trying to fall asleep. Coco Tired Feet is a unique blend for tired feet and stiff joints. It helps reduce the pain, tension and swelling in your feet. For a good night’ sleep, it promotes relaxation and helps improve circulation. Coco Tired Feet also contains naturally anti-inflammatory properties. You can apply this regularly every night before going to bed.


“Having peace, happiness and healthiness is my definition of beauty. And you can’t have any of that without sleep” – Beyoncé

When there is too much work to be done, we usually sacrifice our sleeping time to finish up our tasks. Nowadays, sleep is no longer the priority for most people. We take the importance of sleep too lightly, forgetting the long list of negative side effects we can get from sleep deprivation. Some examples of short-term problems can include lack of alertness, impaired memory and moodiness. If you do not fix your sleeping habits, this can grow to more concerning health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack or depression.

We all know it is easier said than done. Some people are so used to staying up late that it might take awhile to amend their body clock back to the healthy sleep schedule. Do not put too much pressure on yourself to instantly get back to sleeping at 9 or 10pm every night. It is a process and you might fail to follow through some nights, but it is important to bring yourself back on track. One way in which you can slowly get yourself back to a healthy sleeping schedule is setting a consistent wake up and sleeping time. As you go along, your body will slowly get used to these timings and it will naturally feel tired or awake even without an alarm.

Another important tip is to put your smartphones or any form of gadgets away. It is important to take away any kind of distractions that can keep your body from relaxing and going to sleep. If you tend to get distracted with notifications on your phone, you can temporarily put it to “Do not Disturb” mode and just turn it back on during the day. Some tips might work for some and some may not, so we can just do our own research and see which ones works best for us. However, if you have been trying for quite awhile and still cannot get enough sleep, do not hesitate to seek professional help from a doctor that can provide you with the right health advice.

Life out of Work

We cannot have our lives all focused around our work. We need to learn to establish a time for work and a time for rest. Work is crucial because a lot of our needs depend on it such as the food that we eat, the house that we live in, or our electricity bills. However, we should not fail to recognize that there are also a lot of essential things that require our time and attention outside of work. Firstly, we cannot sacrifice self-care time because once our health declines, mentally or physically, our work also suffers.

Aside from that, we also need to find time for our loved ones. Our relationships with people are important to keep our minds and hearts healthy. As the famous saying from John Donne goes “no man is an island.”. We all need companions in our lives, so avoid isolating yourselves in your room doing work. During the weekends, take your much needed rest and make fun memories with your family and friends. This is also the perfect time to spend as much time as you wish to do your skin care, hair care or self-care routines in general. You do not have to feel guilty about it, allowing yourself time to rest will help you achieve greater things once it is time for you to work. Take all the rest that you need!

The Ecological Footprint we leave our Planet

by December 30, 2021

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children” – Native American Proverb

What is an ecological footprint?

An ecological footprint measures a population’s demand on and supply of nature. This tracks the use of productive surface areas such as cropland, grazing land, fishing grounds, built-up land, forest area, and carbon demand on land. The biocapacity represents the productivity of these ecological assets. These areas can also be helpful in absorbing the waste we generate, especially our carbon from burning fossil fuels.


There are a lot of ways in which countries can reduce their ecological footprint. However, this will be dependent on certain factors such as money, climate or population. This is why it is crucial for countries to help each other and work through reducing the overall ecological footprint of the planet. Although a country may have an abundant amount of resources and power to reduce their ecological footprint, they will still be vulnerable to climate change if other countries are not supported in their part to reduce their ecological footprint. The truth of the matter is, we have to work together because we share the same planet. The failure of one to play their part can affect everyone. COP26 is an example of countries’ efforts to work together and fight climate change. 


Governments need to work on improving services that help reduce the ecological footprint of the region. This will encourage the people to change their behavior and support these services. An example of which would be transportation. Governments need to work on making public transports more clean, accessible and affordable. If the public transportation is good, people are more likely to choose it over using their private vehicles. This will then reduce air pollution and reduce the region’s ecological footprint. Another way would be to increase the amount of trash recycled. If recycling bins are readily available, located in close proximity to wherever people are, they will be more likely to recycle their trash. Lastly, the quality of the tap water also plays a great role in reducing the region’s ecological footprint. If the tap water is clean and safe to be used and consumed, people will not buy bottled waters as often. This will effectively reduce waste generation. There are still a lot of ways in which governments can help reduce their ecological footprint, but it is up to the leaders if they are determined to make a positive change and fight global warming.


You do not have to be the one implementing the laws, allocating the funds or the scientist studying the cause and effects. Everyone has the responsibility and power to protect the Earth from climate change. It all starts with educating ourselves. We cannot help tackle the issue if we have limited knowledge about it. Nowadays, information is readily available to us, so we need to use this to our advantage and start researching about climate change through podcasts, YouTube videos, blogs, news articles and many more. We can even use our social media platforms to raise awareness about climate change and educate our followers about what is happening to our planet. We can then follow through with making more eco-friendly decisions as we go about our day.

Another way in which we can reduce our ecological footprint is being mindful of our diet. Did you know that globally, the food that we consume is responsible for almost a third of the annual planet-warming greenhouse gas(GHG) emissions? During the production, processing and transportation of our food, we are not only producing GHG emissions but there is also a high level of energy and water consumption. Some of the food that has a shorter-shelf life will need to be transported by air which significantly increases the environmental impact. Although we cannot eliminate the environmental impacts completely, there are a lot of ways we can go about reducing it. For instance, we can choose to buy food items that are produced locally so that the transportation distance is shorter and in turn, there is less harm to the environment. Another way would be to support products from countries that use cleaner and renewable sources of electricity reducing GHG emissions at the food production and processing stages.

Recycling is another popular way to reduce our ecological footprint. However, not everyone is educated on the right way to do so. In Singapore, about 40% of what we place in the blue recycling bins are not suitable for recycling. We need to be mindful of what we place in these recycling bins and make sure that they are clean. Some people place items that are either contaminated with food and liquids which are no longer recyclable. There are also others who do not read the labels and throw in materials that cannot be recycled at all. The next time you are planning to recycle your trash make sure that they are clean from any food or liquid and you read the labels of the recycling bins as to what can be thrown. A great practice to do in your household will be to segregate your trash before hand to glass, paper, plastic or metal so that it is easier to throw them in their respective recycling bins.

“The climate crisis has already been solved. We already have all the facts and solutions. All we have to do is wake up and change.” – Greta Thunberg

When you are scrolling through your phone and doing online shopping, it is very convenient to just click on an item, and it will be delivered after a few days to your doorstep. However, do you ever pause for a moment and ask yourself how much damage that decision has caused the planet? Imagine the number of people who mindlessly purchase items, neglecting the thought of reducing their ecological footprint. 

So how do you actually make more sustainable decisions while still enjoying quality products for your daily needs? You need to choose more sustainable brands. Coco Veda has formulated products to help consumers reduce their ecological footprints. Our products are waterless which means that they are very concentrated. This will reduce waste generation as the products will last longer. Other than that, the packaging of our products are reusable, refillable and recyclable. We also do not use any machinery as all of our products are handcrafted, reducing any forms of air pollution to the environment.

This coming 2022, let us all work together to help our planet. There are no efforts too small or insignificant because the combined efforts of everyone will make that much of a difference. We all need to wake up and realize that this is the only planet we have. We need to leave our selfish ways of living and think back at the amount of harm we have caused the Earth. If you get out for a hike, go for a dive or simply just sit on a beach and admire the sunset, you will realize how much beauty lies on our planet. Who are we to cause destruction to this marvelous creation?

Christmas, the Season of Giving

by December 21, 2021

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving”- Mother Teresa

There are a lot of traditions practiced during Christmas. Families gather for reunions, children get creative with making their own gingerbread houses, and some even go around their neighborhood to do some caroling. One of the more popular traditions that everyone practices is gift-giving. Christmas gifts are usually placed under the Christmas tree and opened during Christmas Eve (December 24). However, more than just giving it to close family and friends, a lot of people take this opportunity to extend help to charities and people in need.

History of Christmas Gift Giving

Gift-giving first became part of Christmas celebrations in the United Kingdom and other Christian countries. However, this was not done on Christmas Eve but early in Advent, on Saint Nicholas Day (December 6). This tradition was linked to the story of the Biblical Magi giving gifts to baby Jesus, along with another story about Saint Nicholas, a fourth-century Christian bishop and gift-giver. The early Christian rulers interpreted this story as their subjects giving gifts to their superiors, and insisted on tributes and tithes during that period. This is so different from what we are used to today where everyone is free to give and receive gifts no matter their position in society. The turning point was during the millennium following the popularity of the Good King Wenceslas story based on the life of Saint Wenceslaus, who claimed to be a gift-giver. Gift-giving to superiors then became less common and the custom of giving gifts to children was gaining popularity in Europe around the time of the Protestant Reformation. By the end of the 19th century, Christmas Eve was known to be the most common date for gift-giving in the Western culture. This is what is practiced by people today.

Joy in giving

“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.”- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

A study conducted by a Harvard Business School professor Michael Norton and colleagues found that sharing money with other people uplifted the participants’ joy rather than spending it on themselves. When you hear the words “Thank you!” or “I really love this!” with a smile, what do you feel? The fact that you have made a difference in someone’s life no matter how small or big the gift is, can be heartwarming. As much as it may give us joy to buy gifts for ourselves, there is also great joy in being able to share our blessings with other people.

Meaningful Gifts

“The manner of giving shows the character of the giver, more than the gift itself”- J.C. Lavater

Oftentimes, when we are brainstorming about what gifts to buy, we tend to focus more on buying luxurious or big gifts. This year, why not think about gifts that are sustainable and help communities. Aside from the person receiving your gifts, you are also giving back to the environment and being a part of a positive community transformation. Coco Veda focuses on empowering women through our all-women operations team, whom we upskill and train. We also provide sustainable income for Farmer Communities. Furthermore, our products are sustainable, made with reusable, refillable and recyclable packaging. The products are also waterless which means you only need a few drops to lather and a bottle can go a long way. We do not use any machinery since it is all handcrafted, avoiding any pollution to the environment. 


This December, we have released our exclusive Holiday Bundles which have been featured on several platforms. These Holiday Bundles are a perfect gift to fill the Christmas Tree as they are not only great health and wellness products, but they are also eco-friendly and uplifts communities. Here is a list of our Holiday Bundles along with the articles and blogs:

Holiday Bundles:

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Christmas Campaign Video



How Important is a Clean Environment for your Mental Health?

by December 13, 2021

“The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.”- Marie Kondo

How many tasks do you have in your To-Do List? Is cleaning one of them? Most of us lead such busy lives that we tend to neglect cleaning our homes. Since the pandemic started, a lot of people have had to work from home or do online school. We were forced to make our homes our office or classrooms. However, having an unclean environment can greatly affect our mental health.

In order to de-stress from work, most of us run to yoga, meditation, a massage or a holiday with friends and family. We often forget that the simplest way to take care of our mental health is ensuring that our environment is clean. According to studies done by Brother, 49% of the interviewees said an untidy work space affects how they feel about going into work each day. This is a great percentage of people and all that is required to motivate them to go to work, is to keep their environment clean. 

Clutter Affecting Mental Health

Imagine waking up to dishes not cleaned, dirty clothes on the bed, and crumbs on the bedroom floor. Do you think you will feel excited to start your day and get work done? According to a study in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, people who leave their homes cluttered are more likely to fall for depression, fatigue and higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Cleaning is a form of self-care. In order to give yourself some peace of mind, make sure to regularly clean your environment. If you procrastinate, your tasks will just pile up and the sight of dirty dishes, clothes or dust on your floor will start to overwhelm you, affecting your mental well-being.

Cleaning Motivation

It definitely is easier said than done especially when all of your cleaning tasks have piled up and you are too busy with work or school. At the end of a tiring day, you may just want to lie on your bed and not attend to all the cleaning work. However, the tasks will always bother you at the back of your mind and you will not completely get the peace and break that you would want after work. How do you get yourself motivated to clean your space?

Motivation #1:

Create a cleaning music playlist! Uplift your mood by playing some music that will get you up your feet and feel energized to clean your home.

Motivation #2:

Cleaning with a friend. If you have a long list of cleaning to do, you do not have to overwhelm yourself with doing it all alone. You can always call a friend over to help you or even video call them to keep you entertained. Before you know it, you would have already cleaned your whole house! This can also serve as a catch-up session after a long day of work while still keeping yourself productive and getting cleaning work done.

Motivation #3:

Start small. The loss of motivation to clean can also be caused by depression or illness strikes that are out of our control. Instead of pressuring ourselves to check everything on our To-Do lists, we can take things day by day. We need to remember that small progress is still progress. You can start by cleaning your kitchen island consecutively for three days or so. After a while, you will feel motivated to clean more parts of your house. 

Cleaning is more than just a chore. Our environment affects and reflects a lot about ourselves. If we invest so much money in buying comfortable coaches, marble kitchen islands or decorative house pieces but we do not clean up after our mess, everything will be a waste. We would not feel confident in inviting people into our homes and we ourselves will not be happy living in it.

Coco Veda has vegan and organic sustainable cleaning products that can accompany you in creating better cleaning habits. These products will not only be beneficial in cleaning your homes but it is also good for the environment. Sustainability is embedded within our business model, so our entire packaging is reusable, refillable and recyclable. It is also waterless which means a bottle can go a long way and there is less waste. Choose to live in a cleaner environment with environmentally-friendly cleaning products!

Pet Care Routine

by December 9, 2021

Pets bring joy to our households. They are not only adorable but they are also a great companion. We can have a great sense of attachment to them and they become part of our family. 

Owning a pet has its own physical and emotional benefits. Although they do not speak our language, pets have their own ways to communicate with us in whatever emotion we are feeling. According to a study, done by the Journal Learning and Behavior, dogs will go out of their way to comfort their owners when they are upset. When you are walking your pet, you also get fresh air and exercise to keep your body healthy. There are even guide dogs that assist people with vision impairment. 

If you choose to adopt a pet, you have to make sure that you are ready for the responsibilities in being a pet owner. One of the most important aspects of taking care of a pet is making sure they are washed regularly. There are several problems pets face with their fur such as flea and tick, itch or even dandruff. Here is an interview we have conducted with a dog owner named Valerie, about her pet care routine:

How often do you make your pet take baths?

“Once a week with an extra bath if she gets dirty while walking on rainy days.”

Does your pet love washes? Either way, I am sure that after every wash your bathroom will be a total mess. You will need to get your towels ready to wipe the bathroom floor after your pet runs around or shakes off the water from its fur. But they usually make up for it with how adorable they look with the shampoo foam covering their fur.

The recommended wash for a healthy adult dog is once a month. However since Valerie’s dog has some underlying skin condition, she bathes her more often using the Coco Veda Anti-Itch pet shampoo. It is best to visit the vet so that they can recommend what is best for your dog especially if they have any underlying skin condition or allergies.

What does your pet’s care routine include?

“Anti-itch Pet Shampoo then drying and full grooming every 2 months.”

Most of us have hectic schedules but as a pet owner, we need to find time to ensure our fur babies are cared for. Aside from washing them, another important thing to take note of is sending them for grooming. There are a lot of factors to take note of when figuring out how many times you should send your pets for grooming. For instance, your pet’s coats, allergy problems or the environment. 

Do you think a pet’s skin needs as much care as our skin?

“Yes and no. It depends on the breed of the dog.”

Skincare is for everyone. It is not only for humans, yes your dogs need skincare too. The only difference is that they suffer from different problems such as fleas and ticks and we suffer from acne. However, the underlying cause will still go back to regular washing and using the right products that will suit your pets along with the right diet and environment. If we are well-aware about our skin types and do our research on them, then we should also take the time to do our research on what products will best suit our pet’s breed.

What product do you currently use on your pet?

“The Anti-itch pet shampoo

One of the problems that pets face is bacterial infection. This can be caused by the environment. Pets will tend to feel uncomfortable and constantly scratch and bite their skin. 

The Coco Veda Anti-itch pet shampoo cleanses, soothes and softens the coat. It helps to reduce itchiness and inflammation, and eliminates bad odour. This shampoo is also formulated to help improve wound healing, eczema relief and hydration of the pet.

What are a few pet care tips that you would like to give to a pet owner?

“Clean their ears.”

One of the things that pet owners overlook about pet care is cleaning their ears. This is very crucial to avoid ear infection.

“Treat your pets like they are part of your family. They are always there to support you in their own way so it is also your job to support them in their basic needs.” – Valerie, Pet Owner Interviewee


Empowered Women, Inspiring Women

by November 24, 2021

Society has gone a long way in allowing women the freedom to express their strengths and abilities in the education and working industry. However, we are just halfway through the journey. There are still quite a few countries that have not advanced with its view on gender equality. According to the World Bank, only six countries – Belgium, Denmark, France, Latvia, Luxembourg, and Sweden, give men and women equal rights in the working force. Since women make up half of the world’s population, $12 trillion would be added to the global economy by 2025 if there are no gender discriminating laws that hold back women from pursuing their aspired careers in the workforce. (Global Citizen, 2019)

Coco Veda emphasizes great value in women empowerment. We have an all-women operations team that we empower through upskill and training. The support and opportunity that we have offered these women have allowed them to be the breadwinners of their families. All of these women have their stories to tell about women empowerment throughout their growth and journey in Coco Veda. We have gathered all their thoughts and personal experiences through the following interview:

Q1) What does women empowerment mean to you?

“Women empowerment is about encouraging individual women to take action towards their career goals.”

All of us have dreams that we aspire to achieve. However, what sets an empowered woman apart from the crowd is her fighting spirit to stay on track no matter the hurdles that come along the journey. It is simple to say you have a dream, but sometimes we need to ask ourselves how passionate we are to achieve that dream. It takes a much deeper purpose and meaning to be firm enough to stay until the end. There are a lot of challenges that can try to stop you such as gender discrimination or lack of self-confidence. Our Coco Veda team believes that it is not enough to have a career goal. The most important part of being an empowered woman is taking action towards that goal no matter the circumstance or challenges that may come along the way. As we go forth and win through the odds that do not want us to succeed, we inspire other women who have their own career goals too that they are fighting to achieve.

Q2) What initial difficulties did you face when you started working?

“In the beginning, it was difficult to carry the boxes, especially the heavier ones because all of us are women.”

There are a lot of stereotypes that we hear growing up in a very opinionated society. Oftentimes, the statements that we hear repeatedly can get into our heads and we start to believe that they are true. This is especially evident when it comes to gender stereotypes. For instance, studies have shown that only 22% of AI professionals are women, for every female film character, there are 2.24 men, and women are 47% more likely to suffer severe injuries in car crashes because safety features are designed for men. The truth of the matter is people have created this unhealthy association to assign roles to a gender. As a woman or man, growing up and being told that they are more or less capable of doing a certain career or hobby because of their gender, will take away a lot of confidence even before they attempt to try the task. If we portray tasks to be more gender neutral, then we as a society can achieve so much more having both men and women work together with their full capabilities and confidence. 

Q3) Do you think working in Coco Veda has empowered you?

“Yes, because Coco Veda has entrusted me to handle the responsibilities in work and be accountable for my tasks.”

A great step to empowering women is believing in a woman’s capabilities. Women should be given opportunities to prove themselves. However, not all women around the world are fortunate enough to showcase their potential. In Equatorial Guinea, women still require their husband’s permission to sign a contract. Women in Bhutan and Pakistan are not allowed to sign their own names if they register a company or get a loan when they start their own business. They have to sign these documents with their father or husband’s name. Gender should not be a hindrance to a person’s freedom to work or attain something for themselves. We all have something to offer on the table and we need each other’s strengths and expertise to achieve greater success. As a woman, we also deserve to receive recognition for our hard work and not be neglected or hidden just because of our gender.

Q4) How do you feel about being the breadwinner of your family? How does your family feel about this?

“I feel proud to have a permanent job to give and provide for my family on a daily basis. However, sometimes I also feel sad because I do not have much time to spend with them and they live far away. As for my family, they feel very happy and grateful for my sacrifice in order to support them.”

I think we can see the gradual change in society’s perspective about gender roles. There has been an increase in the share of women heads of household in married couples, from 21.8% in 1990 to 46.1% in 2019. Over the years, families have become more and more receptive to women breadwinners. The Coco Veda team is a great example of an empowered woman who is willing to sacrifice being away from her loved ones in order to provide for their needs.

Q5) Why do you think so many women are still reluctant to go out and work?

“They might be weak-hearted and are afraid to face the challenges of work.”

Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will. I am sure you have heard of this statement before and if you have not, take some time to ponder about what this short sentence is trying to imply. When we choose to hold ourselves back from doing something because of fear, we will always be troubled with the words “What if…” in the back of our minds. Another question we can ask is “Why are we so afraid?”. I think this would lead back to the topic of confidence. People are afraid because they don’t feel secure about their abilities. They are doubting that they are good enough to handle the tasks that lie ahead. This is why training and upskilling women, like our Coco Veda operations team, is very crucial. When women are equipped with the knowledge and training, they will feel more confident to do the task at hand. It is also important to support each other, sharing what we know and in turn, empowering the other women around us. Confidence is contagious, so being confident alone will not only be beneficial for you, but it can also inspire other women around you to be confident in themselves.

Q6) Would you like to say something to the women in society who are dominated by men and are scared to go out to work?

“What men can do, women can also do. We have to begin with knowing our strengths and abilities first, and then honing them so that we can be more confident with ourselves in pursuing our desired careers.”

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