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Our Team

Melvin Ho
Co-Chief Executive Officer

“Building and scaling a Sustainability focused Social Enterprise across 25 markets by 2025 to create a positive socio-economic impact in Singapore and beyond by leveraging on Digital Technology across Media, e-Commerce and Blockchain.”

Simarna Singh
Founder & Co-CEO

“As a UN Youth Ambassador and Sustainability Leader, I have committed to uplifting the lives of Women Communities, through a purposeful triple bottom line business model, which will also create economic opportunities for the Youth in Singapore and International Markets.”

Yayu Javier

“The United Nations Global Compact is uniting businesses to take on a new leadership and strengthen its support for the SDGs and the 10 Principles in response to the COVID crisis.”

Harbinder Singh

“In an era that lacks global solidarity, there is an urgent need for Singapore based Business Leaders to take action towards creating a Sustainable and Inclusive Circular Economy.”

Aziz Mulay-Shah

“Achieving the Sustainable Development Goal targets requires much more collective action from the private sector so that their innovation and business ideas drive sustainable development growth for all.”

Noha Hefny

“Social Innovation and entrepreneurship blended with bold leadership, purpose, and technology can offer innovative solutions to the complex and pressing sustainable development challenges facing our world.”

Beverley Sarstedt

“As a Nutritional Therapist, I have been a strong advocate of natural and preventive health for many years. Through my educational workshops with Coco Veda, I hope to encourage and influence the community to make a shift within their lifestyles.”

Henry Ines

“Integrating Blockchain Technology and Applications into Supply Chain Processes can help impact driven social enterprises like Coca Veda, to not only realize considerable efficiencies and to scale exponentially, but also to provide unique value and assurance for consumers globally.”

Editha Obra

“I manage Coco Veda’s all-women operations team, who manufacture Coconut-Based Healthy Lifestyle and Consumer Products in compliance with International Best Practices, that are aligned to the Japanese Kaizen methodology of continuous improvement.”

Srikanth Ramachandran

“As a firm believer that all businesses should be built around the SDGs, Coco Veda’s business approach resonates with me. I am happy to share my knowledge and expertise on Digital Systems, Processes and Data to help Coco Veda’s Vision of Leveraging Technology to scale with meaningful impact on Humanity and Society.”

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