PayPal's Inaugural
Global Impact Day

27 JUNE 2024

About the event

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Coco Veda is proud to have contributed to PayPal’s first-ever Global Impact Day in Singapore, an event dedicated to revolutionizing commerce and expanding economic opportunities for all.

In partnership with TOUCH Community Services, PayPal employees packed 1450 kits for elderly and low-income children beneficiaries. Coco Veda, along with other local small businesses, provided essential supplies for these kits, supporting both the community and our local economy.

This initiative not only created a significant community impact but also fostered economic growth for our business and our partners. Participating in this event allowed us to witness the power of collaboration, with 400 PayPal employees working together under the inspiring leadership of PayPal’s dedicated team.

Together, we showcased the power of community-driven change and the importance of supporting local enterprises. Join us on our journey towards sustainable impact and holistic wellbeing as we continue to innovate and contribute to a better future for all.


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