At Coco Veda we actively practice and advocate the United Nations Sustainable Development
Goals, SDG 17 – Partnerships is an important goal in building our market footprint with the right
collaborations and partners.

We welcome meaningful collaborations and would be delighted to explore win-win Sustainable Business Opportunities (B2B and B2B2C).

Our Referral Program is, therefore, collaborative, and scalable (not restricted to just Discount Codes). We believe that the first step towards this is for us to get acquainted and develop a relationship.

Please contact us via [email protected]

cold processed without heat virgin coconut oil

Live Healthy, Live Well, Live Natural and Building Sustainable Impact​

Our Sustainable Handmade Coconut Health and Wellbeing Products are Natural, Organic, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, ISO, GMP and Halal