Building Awareness Through Education

Building Awareness Through Education

The greatest impact we can make is through educating our customers, business partners and community about the benefits of living sustainably, consciously, and selflessly.

Through our interactions with other Business Partners, Affiliates and Customers, we aim to be an advocate for the importance of sustainability in business, consumption habits, and daily living.

  • Business Partners: Through interactions with the company, we hope to show how embedding environmental and social sustainability into our core strategy can help businesses to thrive while being a force for good to the world.
  • Affiliates: Through seminars, trainings and exposure to our sustainable business model, we aim to educate our affiliates about the health, social and environmental benefits when we choose to use sustainable products.
  • Customers: Through interfacing with our brand, we desire to educate consumers about being more conscious in their choices. Moreover, by associating sustainable living with a positive retail experience, we hope to incentivise consumers to form desirable habits in their daily lives.

At Coco Veda, we believe in investing in our next generation. Not only do we want to create a more liveable earth for them, we also want to provide opportunities for those who do not have easy access to enrichment outside of their school curriculum, which can put them at a disadvantage compared to their peers.

We seek to provide a way for these youths to move up the socio-economic ladder by being equipped with important 21st Century skills such as digital marketing, sales, branding and entrepreneurship, many of which are not taught in schools.



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