Transforming Communities

Transforming Communities

Giving back to the communities that make the work we do here at Coco Veda possible

Every coconut used in our production process is harvested by our hardworking Farmer Cooperatives in the rural parts of the Philippines.

Working with these coconut Farmer Communities directly, we are able to cut out the middlemen and get more money directly into the hands of the farmers. This provides Sustainable income for their Families, and builds a foundation for Positive Community Transformation.


Coconut farmers in the Philippines earn under $2 a day and Coco Veda’s mission is to uplift their livelihoods to above $5 by 2025. Currently we work with farmer cooperatives who produce the raw Virgin Coconut Oil and Coconut Sugar as per our specifications.

Each Coco Veda product is Handcrafted with care by our expert and meticulous craftswomen in Manila, ensuring that you enjoy consistently high quality with every Coco Veda product that you purchase.

By turning our All-Women Team into Breadwinners for their families, we are able to not only help them grow their self-esteem and self-value, but also improve their standing in their community.


Coco Veda has decided to build an equal employment ecosystem that provides opportunities for women in The Philippines.

We will provide these women with professional training to manufacture sustainable handmade products in compliance with the international standards, certifications, best practices and incorporate the culture of continuous improvement inspired by the Kaizen Philosophy. With these newfound skills and knowledge, these women are also equipped to work in other roles and further their careers in the future.

However, our ultimate goal is to build confidence in these women, many of whom lack access to opportunities as a result of their circumstances or have been denied opportunities due to their status. Through a culture of empowerment, we aim to enable these women to achieve the life that they desire for themselves and their future generations.



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