Healthy Food

We support Farmer Cooperatives for raw produce of Cold Processed Without Heat Virgin Coconut Oil and Coconut Sap Sugar which is then processed at Coco Veda

  • VCO is Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Fungal 
  • Coco Sugar is Low Glycemic, rich in Potassium, Minerals is a healthy alternative natural sugar 

Hair Care

Inspired by Ayurveda, Coco Veda’s Hair Care range consists of

  • Healthy Roots (warm) Scalp Oil to Nourish the Roots for healthier growth
  • Conditioning Shampoo for cleansing the scalp and hair 
  • Leave-on Conditioning Cream to protect the hair (if needed)

Facial Care

Coco Veda’s Facial Care is a simple three-step process

  • Facial Wash as a Cleanser
  • Facial Scrub to exfoliate dead skin (once a week)
  • Facial Oils to nourish the skin from inside-out
  • Facial Creams to moisturise and maintain the skin

Body Care

Coco Veda’s Body Care has also been formulated as a three-step process

  • Waterless and Alcohol-free Body Washes to cleanse the skin
  • Body Scrub to exfoliate and moisturise areas which need extra attention
  • Body Oils / thick lotion to nourish the skin as per preference

Hand Care

Coco Veda’s Hand Washes go a long way to cleanse, moisturise and protect

  • Naturally Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial helps protect the hands
  • Waterless and Alcohol Free keeps the hands soft and supple with frequent washing
  • Choice of plant-based variants to suit different smell preferences

Baby Care

According to traditional wisdom, massage is therapeutic for the baby

  • Virgin Coconut Baby Massage Oil is good for the baby
  • Pure Virgin Coconut Oil is beneficial for pregnant women and nursing mothers
  • Coco Veda’s Baby Range consists of Baby Oil, Baby Lotion and Baby Wash

Wellness Massage Oils

Blended with Cold Processed Virgin Coconut Oil as a base and other plant-based oils

  • Massage lifestyle aches, pains and hormonal discomfort
  • Apply the oils for symptomatic relief 
  • Chakra Balancing and Healing massage oils help connect better with Pranic Energy 
  • Reduce Stress and Sleep Better

Lip Care

Virgin Coconut Oil lip balms have a natural spf protection and are

  • Naturally Moisturising
  • Long-lasting – Less is More
  • Protect the lips in extreme cold weather

Pet Care

Coco Veda’s Pet Shampoos have been tested on humans during the development process 

  • Safe for dogs and cats 
  • Dilute with 2 – 3 parts of water before bathing the pet
  • Choose from Moisturising, Anti-Itch and Anti Flea & Tick

Bio Clean

Coco Veda’s Bio-Clean range is primarily for people with skin conditions and sensitivities

  • To be diluted with 3 – 4 parts of water
  • Tested in washing machines and dish washers during the development stage
  • We are working to make this range more affordable to a larger audience


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