Pet Care Routine

by in Health and Wellness, Sustainability December 9, 2021

Pets bring joy to our households. They are not only adorable but they are also a great companion. We can have a great sense of attachment to them and they become part of our family. 

Owning a pet has its own physical and emotional benefits. Although they do not speak our language, pets have their own ways to communicate with us in whatever emotion we are feeling. According to a study, done by the Journal Learning and Behavior, dogs will go out of their way to comfort their owners when they are upset. When you are walking your pet, you also get fresh air and exercise to keep your body healthy. There are even guide dogs that assist people with vision impairment. 

If you choose to adopt a pet, you have to make sure that you are ready for the responsibilities in being a pet owner. One of the most important aspects of taking care of a pet is making sure they are washed regularly. There are several problems pets face with their fur such as flea and tick, itch or even dandruff. Here is an interview we have conducted with a dog owner named Valerie, about her pet care routine:

How often do you make your pet take baths?

“Once a week with an extra bath if she gets dirty while walking on rainy days.”

Does your pet love washes? Either way, I am sure that after every wash your bathroom will be a total mess. You will need to get your towels ready to wipe the bathroom floor after your pet runs around or shakes off the water from its fur. But they usually make up for it with how adorable they look with the shampoo foam covering their fur.

The recommended wash for a healthy adult dog is once a month. However since Valerie’s dog has some underlying skin condition, she bathes her more often using the Coco Veda Anti-Itch pet shampoo. It is best to visit the vet so that they can recommend what is best for your dog especially if they have any underlying skin condition or allergies.

What does your pet’s care routine include?

“Anti-itch Pet Shampoo then drying and full grooming every 2 months.”

Most of us have hectic schedules but as a pet owner, we need to find time to ensure our fur babies are cared for. Aside from washing them, another important thing to take note of is sending them for grooming. There are a lot of factors to take note of when figuring out how many times you should send your pets for grooming. For instance, your pet’s coats, allergy problems or the environment. 

Do you think a pet’s skin needs as much care as our skin?

“Yes and no. It depends on the breed of the dog.”

Skincare is for everyone. It is not only for humans, yes your dogs need skincare too. The only difference is that they suffer from different problems such as fleas and ticks and we suffer from acne. However, the underlying cause will still go back to regular washing and using the right products that will suit your pets along with the right diet and environment. If we are well-aware about our skin types and do our research on them, then we should also take the time to do our research on what products will best suit our pet’s breed.

What product do you currently use on your pet?

“The Anti-itch pet shampoo

One of the problems that pets face is bacterial infection. This can be caused by the environment. Pets will tend to feel uncomfortable and constantly scratch and bite their skin. 

The Coco Veda Anti-itch pet shampoo cleanses, soothes and softens the coat. It helps to reduce itchiness and inflammation, and eliminates bad odour. This shampoo is also formulated to help improve wound healing, eczema relief and hydration of the pet.

What are a few pet care tips that you would like to give to a pet owner?

“Clean their ears.”

One of the things that pet owners overlook about pet care is cleaning their ears. This is very crucial to avoid ear infection.

“Treat your pets like they are part of your family. They are always there to support you in their own way so it is also your job to support them in their basic needs.” – Valerie, Pet Owner Interviewee




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